About Us


  1. To be given brief history of the development of yoga through the ages.
  2. To be explained some important yogic principles of healthy living.
  3. To conduct short and long term course on yoga and other Indian studies.
  4. To promote the use of indigenous medicinal plants and promote and propagate indigenous therapy systems.
  5. To carry literary and experimental research on yoga and medicinal plants.
  6. To conduct yoga health camps for the promotion and propagation of yoga therapy.
  7. To arrange competitions among school and college students on yoga, Sanskrit and other Indian studies such as gyana Sabah to spread the traditional Indian knowledge to every part of India.
  8. To conduct blood donation camps and encourage the society for free blood donation.
  9. To conduct food distribution camps for poor and needy people.
  10. To carry out research on yoga, ayurvedic, Vedic literature and also to organize seminars and competitions
  11. To take special care to promote Sanskrit language, Indian philosophy and culture by conducting regular discussions, classes and lectures.
  12. To launch a special drive to locate, preserve and publish valuable manuscripts on yoga and ayurvedic.
  13. To give award and certificates to the trainees who undertake weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually.
  14. To help and co- operate the relief activities to flood, earth quake and epidemic drought etc.
  15. To establish india as the strongest and cultural power in the world to provide an atmosphere for every citizen for realization of dream healthy, strong, prosperous and advanced India far from caste, creed, class, religion and region.